JMB Skin Care & Aesthetic Surgery Clinics, as one of the reputable clinics, has been established since 1993, providing a variety of services ranging from aesthetic surgery, plastic & reconstruction surgery, laser & cosmetic treatment, anti aging program and dermatovenereology problem.

We are specialist doctors from various discipline who work in aesthetic medicine & surgery. Our staff include aesthetic & dermatologic surgeons, plastic & reconstruction surgeon, cardiac & vascular surgeon, dermatovenereologist, cosmeticologist, dietician.

We have high standard of operational for every services& surgery so the patient will be have the same standard services even tought visit to the other branches of JMB.

Customers satisfaction has always been our top priority in delivering the best expert service. Therefore JMB Beauty Clinic has been hiring professional and experienced surgeons in dealing with Aesthetic Surgery. There have been more than 30.000 patients of Aesthetic Surgery with positive response towards our service. We also handle other practices such as side effects of silicone injection.

Being treated in our clinic does not mean that you have to spend the whole recovery session on the spot since we also offer you a special treatment without having to be hospitalized. Usually this is performed using local anesthesia for certain surgeries such as tummy tuck, liposuction, mastopexy, breast implant, etc. We attain the cooperation with some major local hospitals to conduct a-one-day care treatment using local anaesthesia to perform special surgeries

We have 13 kinds of laser treatment in order to cure dermatology disorders and maintain our physical beauty. We also offer other programs such as anti aging, skin care, vein clinic, slimming center, and beauty acupuncture.

Meet JMB Clinic's Experts

We are specialist doctors from various discipline who work in aesthetic medicine & surgery

dr A.Harlim. MARS. Spkk
Dermatovenereologist Aesthetic Dermatosurgery
dr. Zinzon. Spkk
dr. Yoyok. Sp B
dr. Nurhadi Darmawan. Sp B
dr. Wicaksono. Sp BP
Plastic & Reconstruction Surgeon
dr. Tommy Tiluata. Sp BTV
Cardio & Vascular Surgeon
dr. Narniwan
Laser Clinic
dr. Peter Tamira
Skin Care
dr. Angela
Skin Care